A total of 16 out of 23 Senators of the Republic, led by Minority Leader Aquilino Pimintel, Jr., have supported the beginning of discussions related to changing the form of government last week.

This blog aims to feel the pulse of the Filipino on-line citizens from a fellow on-line citizen, devoid of any political, cultural, religious, intellectual, or other such biases, and aims to be a free forum to discuss the topic.

The main issue is whether or not we should proceed with such a move. I will be setting up a page for those who do not agree in changing the form of government.

But for those who do wish to consider this move to a federal form of government, more pages will be set up to address the following areas:

1. The States (Ang mga Bayan) – How many is too many?

2. Federal Legislature – Parliamentary or Presidential/Bicameral?

3. Symbols of the Federation – A Chance for Cultural Enrichment, Part 1

4. Federal Territory – Sabah, Kalayaan Islands, et al.

5. Economics and Federalism – Will the Shift have an Effect?

6. Federal Nomenclature – A Chance for Cultural Enrichment, Part 2

I will also set up links on useful on-line articles and views. It is expected that those who wish to participate in this blog will make informed comments by reading the resources available. Readers are also welcome to share their resources, so that we all will have a depository here in this blog.

These are but the first steps. For early visitors to the blog, please feel free to post a comment and share your views on how this could be set up.

Once in a while, I aim to share my views on history and politics, from the perspective of an educated citizen of the Philippines.