Here’s a new twist on what our Congressmen think can solve the various political crises that have gripped the country:

Snap Elections. (here’s a briefing from the Inquirer)

it’s a House bill that has been passed by the Committee on Suffrage and Electoral Reform, chaired by Makati Rep. Teodoro Locsin, Jr. The bill was filed by Nueva Ecja Rep. Eduardo Nonato.

I was unable to find the complete text of the bill, though.

Reading the article, there are a few things I wish our respectable congressmen will consider:

  • Who will define what a ‘crisis’ ?
  • Who will define if the country is experiencing a ‘crisis’?
  • Will there be a limit as to how many snap elections there will be? (What if we have a crisis after a crisis after another crisis? Will we have 3 different presidents by then?)
  • There has to be a standing budget for this at all times – where will it be from?

And how does the Palace react? “It’s unconstitutional.”

Actually, I’m not against snap elections…

Hmmm… Maybe it is time to change the constitution to at least allow the conduct of snap elections whenever, but on a very limited fashion. Just so that whoever is seated in Malacañang will not be too complacent and feel all-powerful because our hastily-prepared constitution did not allow the ultimate check-and-balance provision for the highest person in office (yes, considering that the impeachment provisions have been constantly bastardazed in the last four years).

Please, people, it is really REALLY time to change…