Symbols of the Federation and of the States

Now’s the chance to change some of the symbols of Republic, most of which were inherited from our Western-influenced past. A revision of the constitution will also be an avenue for cultural enrichment, as we adapt the symbols that represent our people and our heritage in the light of new historical revelations and analysis.

Coat of Arms or Seal

Philippine Coat of Arms

Case in point: Are you really proud of our coat-of-arms? The shield design is archaic, and it does not express any relevance to our culture, save for the eagle and lion of our ex-colonizers.

Even if we consider the bare coat-of-arms without the lion and eagle (as what is really stated in our laws), it still lacks the … umph.

What do you think? Have some designs in mind?


Our flag is unique and with its vibrant primary colrs, distinctly stands out among the rest. It has a proud heritage.

But there was once talk of adding a 9th ray to the sun, a symbol of the struggles of the Bangsamoro and Lumad people of Mindanao. I, for one, am for this, to properly display respect to their heritage and to provide modern relevance to the flag. After all, a flag can evolve as it adapts to the growing pride and identity of a country.

What do you think? Have a design in mind? Or are you satisfied with the way it is right now.

State Flags

You can provide a design to your state, as well!

For all suggestions on designs (either a description or an actual image), e-mail me at and I’ll display your designs on this page! All rights to your design will remain yours and will be properly annotated. If you want more information displayed with your design, please indicate this in the e-mail as well.

I’m currently working on some designs and will provide posts when I finish them.

Federal Nomenclature: Whatchamacallit…

Ok, in the previous page, we have a separate discussion on the states and territories included in the federation. In another page, the form of the legislative branch is discussed…

But what do we call them? Now is the time we can be Nationalistic and enhance pride in our language and culture.

Here are some of my proposals:

  • Naming the states as ‘Bayan ng…” as in “Bayan ng Gitnang Luzon”, except of course for the “Bangsamoro”, which may opt to retain its title (the term ‘Estado’ for me is too western)
  • If we will adopt a bi-cameral parliament, we can have a ‘Katipon’ (tipon, meaning ‘to gather’) and a ‘Kalupon”  or “Kapulong” (lupon and pulong, connoting a more formal grouping)

Here are some challenges –

  • Do we go as far as changing the name ‘Philippines’, since it is, after all, a name given by Spanish conquistadors to this archipelago?
  • What can be Filipino term for ‘Federation’?