Here is my take on the addition of the ninth ray onto the Philippine Flag (only a proposal):

Ninth Ray Philippine Flag

I have searched the World Wide Web in vain for an image of the proposed sun with 9 rays, so I decided to come up with my own.

Please take a moment to analyze this flag. Note that the rays are oriented in accordance with the corners of the equilateral triangle. In my opinion, having a sun with nine rays is more in-line with it being framed in the triangle, since it is a multiple of 3. Notice how ‘natural’ it looks as opposed to the the one with the eight rays.

It has always been proposed that the addition of the ninth ray on the sun should represent the Bangsamoro people, who managed to successfully resist full Spanish occupation. I remember encountering this proposal during the FVR presidency and have since been fascinated.

In summary, I would advocate the adoption of this flag due to the following:

  1. It incorporates more meaningfully the status of the Bangsamoro people as an integral part of the Philippine nation, not just relegating their symbol as a star – a more geographic reference rather than the symbolic struggle represented by the Sun in the flag
  2. It is aesthetically pleasing and introduces a sense of ‘balance’ of the sun relative to the equilateral triangle
  3. It does not desecrate the memory of the first flag, but acknowledges the true change and eventual evolution of our flag. It still retains its basic shape from Aguinaldo’s concept.

The only down side to this flag is that it will be hard for kids to draw the 9 rays. Remember how as elementary students it was so easy to draw the sun with 8 rays?

I mean no disrespect to the current flag. Let me emphasize that this is JUST A PROPOSAL. For the current flag, please click this file for the flag displayed on the Wikipedia entry.

Please, share your views on this proposal and let me know if you think it will be viable.