Based on the last blogpost, I’ve asked the Question “Are we going to stick with ‘The Philippines’ as a name for our Nation?”, “What do we want to call Ourselves?”

It is a well-established fact that what we call our country today is derived from what our Spanish colonizers ‘chose’ for us. Being named after a colonizer’s monarch is not exactly flattering. Yet we choose to continue this ‘tradition’ simply because we do not have a strong proposal for a change of the name.

In the Marcos era, there was a move to change the name to ‘Maharlika’. This did not prosper, for the reason I encourage you to discover in the posted readings. And because it is associated with the Marcos era, the term ‘Maharlika’ is already tainted.

I’ve been playing with the PC game ‘Civilization’ ever since I discovered it in the 1990s. Now that I’m thirty, I still play the addictive civilization-building game in its 4th incarnation, Civilization IV (with the expansion packs ‘Warlords’ and ‘Beyond the Sword’). The game lets you change the name of your ‘civilization’ and I’ve always experimented with what name I would call a ‘Filipino’ civilization. The game asks you for the Full Name, a Shortened Name, Adjective, and Noun use of the civilization name.

I have used the following names for all my games:

  • Full Name: “Dakilang San-Lahi”, “Dakila”
  • Shortened Name: “San-Lahi”, “Dakila”
  • Adjective: “Dakilan”, “Kadakila-an”
  • Noun: “San-Lahi”, “Dakilan”

Translated, “Dakilang San-Lahi” is “great/noble-people-of-one-heritage”. It shows that the people of these islands are a great and noble people, diverse in culture, but with one common heritage that is embraced and enriched.

I am unfamiliar with other languages, but will this pass for Ilokano, Bikolano, and Cebuano translations? I hope that this suggestion is not too ‘tagalog’.

“Republikang Federal ng Dakilang San-Lahi”

“Kapuluan ng Dakilang San-Lahi”

An what do we call ourselves? “Dakila”. “Dakilan”, “Ka-Lahi”.

What do you think?