I’m just an average on-line Filipino citizen. Thirty-something, I grew up to witness EDSA People Power during my younger years, EDSA 2, when I was in my first job, and EDSA 3, 4, as life went by.

I am a history buff, but sad to say, Filipino History is lacking in cultivation and popularity.

I do not possess a degree in political science, instead having a degree in Engineering from the State University. This, I hope, is one way I can pay back the country for my College years (being an Iskolar ng Bayan), and my High School years as well (MPPA). I am not a politician – nor do I want to think of even going into politics in its present form.

I adhere to the dream that one day, with God’s help, we will do it right:

– that one day, the Philippines will be able to stand on its own economic feet

– that Filipinos will be proud of their culture, government, and history

– that poverty will be no more and that the fight to end poverty in the Philippines will be our most cherished accomplishment

And lastly, I believe that the change to a federal form will aid in accomplishing these dreams.